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#Energy: Erklärung Klima und Energiekommissar Miguel Arias Cañete an der Unterschrift UN-Zeremonie für Abkommen Paris




Herr Generalsekretär,
Meine Damen und Herren,

"Männer streiten, die Natur handelt".

“Voltaire’s prophetic message three centuries ago has proved devastatingly accurate.

“You just have to pick up a newspaper to see man’s relentless impulse to argue and destroy. And as we have been arguing, nature has been acting and threatening the world as we know it.

“Our solemn duty – and we wirklich are the last generation that can fulfil it – is to show that we can do more than argue – that it is also within our nature to act. Four months ago, in the city of Voltaire’s birth, we started to do just that. We stopped arguing, and started acting. We put aside self-interest and short-term thinking, and came up with a lasting solution to the greatest conundrum of our time.

“That final plenary in Paris must go down as a defining moment for our planet. On a personal note, thinking back to the shared ambition, determination and positive spirit in that room still makes me proud.  But now we need to bottle that “Paris Spirit” up and take it around with us everywhere we go: to alles, UN-Generalversammlung, zu alles, internationaler vertrag und organisation alles, nationales und regionales Parlament, zu alles, Geschäft, zu alles, person. Because that is what it’s going to take – every single one of us working together to live up to our Paris commitments. And let’s be clear – it won’t be easy. Change of this scale never is. We will have to make difficult decisions, set higher targets, make new laws, redirect investments.

“Real change is hard. The old rules said we couldn’t promote economic growth and protect our environment at the same time. The old rules said global action would be almost impossible to achieve. In Paris, we ripped up the old rulebook. And instead we struck a deal that we can and will honour. We made sure that no one was left behind. And we made sure the greatest burden fell on those with the broadest shoulders.


"Meine Damen und Herren,                               

“Europe has some of the broadest shoulders in the world and we are ready to continue leading by example. We have designed and pioneered climate policies that work – emissions trading for example.

“We have created clean energy markets with a global reach that are triggering the low-carbon revolution. We have exported our experience and knowledge around the world to help many countries draw up their first ever climate action plans. But we need to go further and faster. That is why we have set ourselves a tough target of cutting emissions by at least 40% by 2030.

“It’s why we’re now updating all the legislation needed to deliver it: from renewable energy, to electricity markets to energy efficiency and more. It’s also why we will produce a solid mid-century low greenhouse gas emissions strategy by 2020. And as well as acting at home, Europe will continue to work with others abroad.

“I am proud that Europe is the biggest provider of climate finance worldwide. We do this as both an investment and a necessity. It helps our partners develop, improves the quality of life, builds resilience, and protects our shared climate system. But public budgets are small and needs are huge. So as the emerging economies continue to develop, they will also have a duty to contribute more. And the private sector will have to step up, too – not only because they care about climate change, but also because acting early makes economic sense.

“Europe’s shoulders are broad but we cannot face this challenge alone. We account for only 9% of global emissions. We all share responsibility and all large emitters must lead the way. That’s all the more important because we know that countries’ current contributions to reduce emissions will not get us to well below 2 degrees, let alone 1.5. We will have to use all our Paris Spirit in 2018 to face that reality together and encourage more ambition.

"Meine Damen und Herren,

“The strength of Europe lies both in its unity and its diversity. And sometimes that means we each do things slightly differently.

“When it comes to ratifying the Paris Agreement, Europe will do so by securing the support of our 29 parliaments, and by demonstrating that we will have the policies in place to meet our commitments. This will take some time, but it will ensure that when we act, we will act on a solid legal basis.

“And let me assure you – it will be done as soon as possible. Before the start of this summer, the European Commission will present a proposal to our member states to ratify the Paris Agreement on behalf of the European Union. Europe is forging ahead towards the climate-neutral future that today’s Agreement makes possible. Our commitment to this Agreement, like that of all those who were in that room in Paris, is irreversible and non-negotiable.

“And if anyone remains that doesn’t share the Paris Spirit – or who still wants to continue arguing instead of acting –let me quote the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw: “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it”. Now let’s get on with doing it. Thank you.”

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