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#Flüchtlinge: Guy Verhofstadt: „Der Flüchtlingsfahrplan der Kommission ist zu bürokratisch und seine Umsetzung zu langsam“




df4ed156348e47a8870b935352d10491_Guy_VerhofstadtAhead of the official presentation of the European Commission’s roadmap to restore order to the EU’s borders, to  be presented tomorrow, Guy Verhofstadt, ALDE Group leader, has today expressed his disappointment given the long time the measures proposed need for implementation.

Verhofstadt said: “The Commission says we only have 10 days left to save Schengen but then proposes a set of measures which need 10 months to be implemented. This roadmap is too bureaucratic and too slow”.

“The roadmap broadly contains the right measures this crisis requires, such as a serious follow-up on the situation at the Greek borders, both human resource assistance and coercive measures for Greece, the overhaul of the Dublin system and the transformation of Frontex into a full- fledged European border and coast guard”.

“However, it is absolutely unclear why this roadmap is littered with bureaucratic evaluations and reports delaying the implementation of the plan until the end of the year. We know what the problems are, we know where they are situated and we know how to solve them. The race is on to put solutions in place before the weather improves and- refugee flows increase dramatically. We need action now”.

“The lions share of the measures the commission proposed can be implemented straight away, without any legislation needed. Because of the emergency situation in Greece but also the rest of the European Union, article 78.3 of the EU treaty allows us to set up a border and coast guard and send a European task force to Greece to register refugees immediately”.

“We simply cannot afford to wait until September to establish the border and coast guard and until December to normalize the situation within the Schengen area, as the Commission proposed. Both the economic and humanitarian costs of waiting another 7 to 10 months are simply too high.”


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