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Großbritannien und die EU arbeiten am Datenzugriff, um den Handelsstreit nach dem Brexit zu lösen




Britain has agreed to share live data with the European Union about trade with Northern Ireland. This is a step towards resolving the longstanding issues arising out of post-Brexit rules governing trade in the region.

British Foreign Minister James Cleverly, and European Commission Vice President Maros Sepcovic stated that the London deal was an important step toward further negotiations on the trading rules known as the Northern Ireland Protocol.

"They agreed that although a number of critical issues must be resolved in order to find a way forward they reached an agreement today regarding the specific issue of the EU's acces to UK IT systems," a joint statement declared.

"They recognized that this work was a crucial prerequisite for building trust and providing certainty, and it provided a new base for EU-UK negotiations."

Reporters were told by a spokesperson for Prime Minister Rishi Unak that the agreement was an "important step forward".

Micheal Martin, the Irish foreign minister, welcomed the joint statement. He said that he would be in Brussels Tuesday to discuss the protocol and other issues.

To preserve the 1998 peace agreement between British territory Northern Ireland (UK) and EU member Ireland (EU), and to avoid a hard border, Britain accepted as part of its exit from the EU that Northern Ireland would be included in the bloc's single marketplace for goods.


This has led to checks on goods from the United Kingdom since January 2021. However, Britain has not yet implemented many of these after applying grace periods. In an effort to lower those barriers and encourage the free flow of goods, it has also attempted to rewrite the agreement.

To determine whether checks should be performed upon arrival, the EU has sought for live and semi-live data from goods traveling from Britain to Northern Ireland.

Britain has created a new system to provide the EU real time customs data related to Northern Ireland, safety declarations, and transit information to alleviate EU concerns that goods might enter Ireland without having to pay EU customs.

Sunak's spokesperson said: "We are pleased that [UK government] are beginning to use the system now."

"There are some improvements, but there are still significant problems at the core of the protocol that require addressing," refers to issues like the role of European Court of Justice in trade disputes.

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