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#Syrien: „Die Lösung in Syrien muss eine politische sein“, sagen die S&D Fraktion




Syrien-Top-Following the discussion on the situation in Syria which took place on 9 March in the European Parliament, S&D MEP and vice president for foreign affairs, Victor Boştinaru, said: “The fragile ceasefire in Syria that came into effect last week is continuing to hold in most areas of the country despite scattered violations.

“These last ten days have been the quietest that most Syrians have seen in 5 years and the ceasefire should be preserved by all means!  This could help build momentum behind peace talks in this war-torn country and allow the international talks, set to start tomorrow, to resume soon.

“There is no real alternative to a political solution and we need a strong political will to make it work.  A political solution in Syria will allow the international community to concentrate on what is important: fighting Daesh, and all other terrorist groups, and stopping them from spreading and bringing more war and suffering to the entire region. Finding a solution for Syria will allow Syrians to stay in their homes and not to further risk their lives by coming to Europe or elsewhere.

“The participation of the moderate Syrian opposition in the international talks is essential and should be guaranteed. Therefore, we condemn any actions against the moderate Syrian opposition and the town of Aleppo that could undermine the ceasefire and the international talks.”


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