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„Die Migrationskrise ist nicht weit weg. Sie geschieht direkt vor unseren Augen.“





Die Nachricht von den 50 Migranten, die gestern Abend (27. August) erstickt im Rumpf eines Schiffes aufgefunden wurden, und die verlorenen Seelen von 20 oder mehr Migranten, die heute verlassen in einem Lastwagen auf einer österreichischen Autobahn entdeckt wurden, sind ehrlich gesagt schockierend. Dabei handelt es sich um finstere, kriminelle Taten, die von Schmugglern ohne jegliche Skrupel begangen werden.

In a statement by First Vice President Frans Timmermans and Migration and Home Affairs Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos, they said: “Chancellor Faymann is right when he says we cannot go on this way.This is not an Austrian crisis. This is not an Italian, French, German or a Greek or a Hungarian crisis. This is a European crisis and it requires a collective European response.

“The Commission put that European response on the table – from increasing our presence at sea, to cooperating with countries of origin and transit, to clamping down on smuggling networks, making returns more effective and implementing the recently adopted common EU asylum rules whilst showing solidarity with frontline countries – we have to address the issue from all angles. We already announced that further proposals will come soon.

“Now is the moment for joint actions, and solidarity with all member states and our partner countries in the region. That is also why we will be visiting several of the most affected member states, starting from Calais on Monday (31 August) and also Austria on 7 September, to discuss further support and joint actions. In the meantime, some of the measures proposed by the Commission have already found support. All the others now urgently need to be taken up by the EU’s 28 Member States – even those who have until now remained reluctant to do so.”

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