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Die Abgeordneten stimmen, verbindliche Trio der EU-Klima- und Energieziele für 2030 unterstützen




CO2-Kohle-Wind-EnergieThe European Parliament’s environment and energy committees today (9 January) voted on a draft report setting out the European Parliament’s position in the debate on the EU’s climate and energy policy for 2030.

The Greens welcomed the support for binding EU climate and energy targets for 2030, with climate and energy spokesperson Claude Turmes stating: “In voting to endorse a binding trio of EU climate and energy targets for 2030, MEPs have today set out their stall in the ongoing debate. 2030 is the next crucial milestone for EU climate and energy policy and it is important that we ensure ambitious and coherent targets for greenhouse gas reductions, renewables and energy savings.

“With the European Commission currently finalizing its proposals on the EU’s 2030 climate and energy policy, today’s vote is an important and timely signal. We hope the Commission takes account of this in its drafting and proposes ambitious and binding 2030 targets for greenhouse gas reduction, renewable energy and energy savings.

“Clear and ambitious targets would provide much-needed investor certainty, not only in the energy sector but for industrial sectors and innovation across Europe. They would not only ensure the effectiveness of EU climate policy and boost energy security but also maximise potential job creation from all related sectors.

“The EU should not repeat the mistake made with the lack of ambition in its 2020 greenhouse gas reduction target, as this has undermined the effectiveness of overall climate policy and key instruments like the emissions trading scheme. To this end, we should be aiming for 60% reduction by 2030, which various scenarios have made clear is possible with ambitious policies on energy efficiency and renewable energy. Unfortunately, MEPs today only voted for mere 40%.

“Given the undeniable success of the 2020 renewable energy target, it is imperative that the EU continues the momentum and adopts a binding 2030 target. Aiming for 45% by 2030 would be both ambitious and realistic, according to various scenarios. Regrettably, MEPs today only went as far as calling for a 30% share. EU member states are falling short of meeting the non-binding 2020 energy savings target. This mistake should be rectified and we need an ambitious and binding 2030 target for reducing energy consumption by up to 40%, a call that was backed by MEPs today.”


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